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LISO Pest Control Inc. is a community customer-oriented organization that’s 100% committed to giving you and your family unparalleled customer service and pest control solutions to make our community, your home or place of business safe, pest-free, and ultimately free from diseases.

We take our time in understanding your needs to develop solutions that don’t just meet your expectations but exceed them. We value customer intimacy and will do all that we can to ensure customer satisfaction. We value customer feedback as it is essential in our continuous improvement and development.

We are different from other pest exterminators as we put an emphasis on training, certifications, and education. At LISO Pest Control Inc., we promote education, ongoing training, and awareness as we are continuously growing. Part of our vision is to form and establish a team of certified professionals that can serve our community, our customers, and our partners with utmost professionalism, honesty, and integrity.

We will never lock our clients into long term contracts if we feel a one-time service will be sufficient for the problem at hand that is what we will recommend. No up-sells or hidden costs, ever.

Why choose us

For years now, we have maintained our five-star reputation by staying committed to protecting the community against unwanted rodents and bugs, which is why our professionals are continuously trained as well as kept up-to-date with the latest pest control processes and techniques. All our service calls are rendered by state-certified professional technicians.

There is no uniform answer to all pest problems. Today, pest control requires a more personalized approach. This is one of the main reasons why you need experts who are used to thinking outside of the box when it comes to the customization of pest control solutions. If you check with our previous customers, they will tell you that our experts are capable of handling even the most stressful issues and some of the largest infestations.

Pest control is an important part of having a healthy vibrant community, that’s why we provide discounted protection plans to any local community member who would like long term service. We will never enforce minimums. Instead, we will offer an incentive: we provide our clients with price breaks for a protection plan subscription. Our goal is to make maintenance plans more affordable for our local community while also giving you your much-needed peace of mind knowing that your home or place of business is protected around the clock. For the customers that only call us whenever there is an emergency. This is perfectly fine, we will never try to force you into more than a one-time service if that is all you need or want.

Our satisfaction guarantee is the perfect demonstration of our confidence in handling any pest problem that you throw at us. Regardless of how big or small your issue is, you can expect us to deliver positive results. If you are not fully satisfied with our service, just let us know and we will make it right.

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