Bed Bug Control

Bed Bug Control


  Bed Bug Control Service In Redding CA.

Bed bugs are difficult pests to get rid of. As a matter of fact, in recent studies, scientists have found that these pests are capable of producing enzymes which neutralize pesticides. If you don’t understand its implications, that is actually very bad news for homeowners! Furthermore, scientists have discovered that bed bugs have undergone mutation in their very nerve cells, making it hard for pesticides to have a neurotic effect on them.

As you may know by now, these pests have developed resistance to pesticides. Natural selection gets some credit for this. The creatures that survive pesticide treatments pass on their genetic traits to their brood or offspring that are now resistant to harmful chemicals.

There are a number of contributing factors to pesticide resistance among pests. One of them is the constant exposure to toxins for an extended period of time. Also, bed bugs Redding, CA produce large quantities of offspring; therefore, the probability of mutations that are random is increased. If you were wondering why the population of resistant mutants build up rapidly, then you now know the exact reason. Bed bugs are definitely hard to eradicate. But, there’s no cause for you to worry as there are treatments and techniques that can successfully put a stop to an infestation.

Bed bug control is comprised of techniques and methods that can deter, reduce, and eradicate an infestation of bed bugs Redding, CA. Five control techniques follow knowledge building (observation, inspection, detection, follow-up procedures, and post-treatment evaluation) and two techniques for elimination (prevention measures and application of treatments) to deter, reduce, and eliminate the pests.

The process starts with the acquisition of knowledge regarding the pests. Having a good understanding re: the insects’ biology, behaviors, and habits is the key to a good bed bug control program.

People without a complete understanding of these pests should NEVER perform bed bug control. Bed bug control costs may be relatively expensive, but you’ll be acquiring even more expenses if you let yourself and your family be continually exposed to these destructive insects. A structured approach (acquisition of knowledge, prevention control, and treatment application) that’s employed by a bed bug exterminator Redding, CA is the foundation of an effective pest control.

Acquiring Knowledge

Knowledge building or acquisition transcends the biology, behavior, and habits of bed bugs Redding, CA as it takes cause and effect into consideration. In other words, a successful pest removal/control depends on whether the answers to these questions are found:

  • Why does your home seem attractive to bed bugs? These pests require food and shelter.
  • When exactly did the pests enter your home? You can determine the extent of a bed bug infestation if you know when they came into your home. If there’s an established infestation, that means the pests have been inside the property for quite some time already. As for a low infestation, that implies that they’ve just been recently introduced to the place.
  • How can the insects be eliminated? The person who’s eligible to handle the control method must be experienced and knowledgeable regarding the habits of bed bugs. Your local bed bug exterminators can implement the appropriate reduction and eradication techniques to get rid of the pests that have infiltrated your home.
  • What do these pests look like? Ask a Redding bed bug exterminator to identify or describe the target pest.
  • Who can help eradicate such persistent pests? A bed bug exterminator Redding, CA from an established pest control company like LISO Pest Control Inc can eliminate the pests for you. You won’t even have to lift a single finger. That’s how convenient pest control services are.


Bed bug inspection Redding, CA is all about locating harborages. There are two types of bed bug inspections: canine and visual. Both are crucial for an effective pest control. A canine inspection involves a trained dog which can locate bed bug harborages. It’s quick and boasts of a 95% success rate. Since it is not 100% guaranteed to work, visual inspection is necessary and can complement in the location of harborages.

Visual inspection, on the other hand, is the physical search for harborage. It’s both time-consuming and tedious. However, it’s the only technique or method that facilitates both the location and treatment of every single harborage. Although a trained dog can locate the areas where bed bugs seek shelter, a professional still has to treat and clean them.


This phase refers to the finding of evidence that all points to an infestation. The presence of these factors suggests an infestation of bed bugs Redding, CA:

  • Nymphs and adult bed bugs
  • Egg shells, eggs
  • Cast off skins
  • Excrement
  • Blood stains on mattresses, beds, couches, and carpeting
  • An unpleasant odor that’s described as sweet but sickly like the smell of moldy shoes or raspberries
  • Bite marks all of your body


It is important to observe the activity of bed bugs to determine the extent as well as the source of an infestation. There are monitoring tools specifically made for this phase. The information that will be gathered enables a bed bug exterminator Redding, CA to select a range of control methods and treatments. The treatment will depend on the location and structure of the site where the pests seek shelter.

Post Treatment Evaluation

Follow-up procedures and evaluation are considered as secondary techniques in information gathering. After a treatment, a professional pest exterminator from LISO Pest Control Inc will assess its effectiveness and result.

The aim of this evaluation phase is to determine the following:

  • If the objective has been achieved;
  • If the pests have been managed appropriately;
  • If the strategies employed had their desired effects;
  • If methods were satisfactory; and
  • If the pest control program needs improvement

Follow-up Procedures

Bed bug control isn’t a walk in the park. It’s especially difficult if there’s an established infestation inside a residential property. It is, therefore, crucial to perform follow-up inspections and treatments to ensure that the pests are eliminated completely.