Bee and Wasp Control

Bee and Wasp Control


Bee & Wasp Removal Services in Redding, CA

Bees play an integral role in our ecosystem and they are commercially valuable. However, bees and wasps in the wrong places, especially near residential homes, can become pests. Do you think your home has been infested by bees and wasps? Or, is there an infestation near your place of residence? If so, LISO Pest Control Inc, your local bee exterminators, can help you find out whether you are dealing with insects that can put your family in danger. It’s important to distinguish which type of wasp is giving you a headache as the control method will depend on this information.

LISO Pest Control Inc. Services:

Finding out that there’s a bee nest or wasp swarm in or near your property creates a sense of urgency. It’s normal for you to become anxious regarding your family, your pets, and your property’s safety. We understand that you have the desire to remove the insects and keep them away as soon as possible. What we suggest is for you to remain calm. This is VERY important. A wasp exterminator Redding, CA will come by your place to conduct a wasp inspection Redding, CA the very moment you give us a call. The professional that will be sent to help you will listen about your concerns and provide you with solutions that are both safe and effective.

The Process of Bee & Wasp Removal and Control

During a site visit, our wasp exterminator Redding, CA will be speaking with you regarding your observations. To ensure the safety of your entire household, you will be advised to stay indoors as the control or removal process is underway.

  • 1st phase: Inspection and Identification

The wasp exterminator in Redding, CA will check the nest or swarm and evaluate the severity of the problem. This is the part where the type of insect that’s present is identified. As mentioned above, the type of insect that’s infesting in the area will have an impact to the pest control solution that will be employed.

  • 2nd phase: Formulation of a Plan

The wasp exterminator Redding, CA will create an action plan that will provide the best results in the eradication of the insects.

  • 3rd phase: Control and Prevention

The pest control specialist will start the elimination process of a swarm or nest.

  • 4rd phase: Follow-up and Assessment

Your hired specialist will give you essential information on what to do on your own to prevent future infestations. A day or two after a treatment, your area will be inspected to ensure that the pests have been completely eradicated.

Colony Removal Service in Redding, CA

If the bees have been removed, but a honeycomb is still in the property, that will be bad news as offensive odor will soon be emitted from it because the bees that provided cooling are no longer present. Mold will eventually form on the sticky mess. Ants, carpet beetles, and cockroaches will also be attracted to the area. It is, therefore, necessary to remove all traces of the insects. LISO Pest Control Inc’s experienced and reputable bee exterminators can take care of the process for you.