Gopher & Squirrel Control

Gopher & Squirrel Control


Gopher & Squirrel Control in Redding, CA

Managing vertebrate pests such as squirrels and gophers is a year-round job. Gopher control utilizes methods that are effective all throughout the year. Methods for squirrel control, on the other hand, will depend on the season as the biology and habits of rodents change. Continue reading as we’ve outlined the methods for gopher and squirrel control in Redding, CA as well as list the essential information that will help you succeed in getting rid of these creatures.

Pocket Gophers

Gophers are active throughout the year, and a professional gopher exterminator can conduct a successful gopher control in Redding, CA through the use of poison baits, gas explosive devices, fumigation w/ aluminum phosphide, and traps. From our years of experience in the field, we’ve come to realize that trapping supplemented with fumigation produces the highest efficacy in gopher control. The reason why our gopher trapping service is combined with fumigation is because gophers usually become trap-shy. The additional fumigation will kill the creatures that have escaped the traps.

What comes in second when it comes to gopher control in Redding, CA is baiting w/ strychnine. After a gopher population has been reduced by one of our licensed gopher exterminators, the next step would be to prevent a gopher re-infestation. This is done by destroying all the existing tunnels, as well as level mounds by disking. Once our professional exterminator visits your property, you will be advised on what to do on your own that can prevent an infestation including keeping vegetation away from tree trunks.

Ground Squirrels

Ground squirrels can be controlled using gopher control methods e.g. traps, fumigation, and poison bait. There are particular methods that will work at a specific time of the year. Take for example the winter season; squirrels hibernate during the cold months so there is no use to try and set up baits for squirrel control. The spring season, on the other hand, is best for squirrel control Near Me or squirrel removal Near Me as it’s the time wherein squirrels breed.

Spring and fall are perfect for squirrel control. Summer control options may work, but they won’t be as effective. Summer baits are a hit or miss. If they are effective, it is only because squirrels have already depleted their sources of seeds and nuts. Furthermore, squirrels hibernate due to the extreme heat from the sun. If you are serious about solving your pest problems, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our squirrel exterminators won’t just perform squirrel control, but they’ll also take measures to get rid of the dens and burrows within your property to discourage infestations.

LISO Pest Control  has more information to share about gophers, squirrels, and other types of pests. We suggest you check out some of our informative articles to shed some light on your situation. You can also give our customer service department a quick call as we love answering any of the questions clients have in mind may it be regarding control methods, laws and regulations, or pest monitoring and removal.