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Rodent Control


Rodent Control Services in Redding, CA

Rats and mice aren’t just unpleasant to have around, but they are also dangerous as they bring with them disease-causing organisms. Have these little fury pests moved into your property? If so, then you must take action as soon as you can.

Before we discuss what you can do for rodent control Redding, CA, let’s first take a look at the diseases that are brought about by these pests both directly and indirectly.

  1. Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome – it’s caused by rice rats and white-footed mice. HPS can spread via bites, contact with the excrement of the animals or the animal itself, and breathing dust that’s been contaminated by excrement or urine.
  2. Leptospirosis – this one occurs globally. Bacteria can spread through water or food that has rodent urine in it.
  3. Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis – caused by house mice and can be acquired via direct contact, bite wounds, and breathing contaminated dust.
  4. The Plague – prairie dogs, fox squirrels, wood rats, and wild rodents can be carriers. The disease spreads via direct contact with infected animals or their fleas.

Some people find rodents cute and adorable. However, most people consider them as pests not just because of the diseases they cause but also for the following reasons:

  • Rats and mice spread sickness and even death via parasites like intestinal worms and fleas.
  • They cause extensive damage to doors, books, upholstery, food containers, and skirting boards.
  • They contaminate and spoil food with their urine, fur, and droppings.

Signs of Rat and Mice Activity

  • Droppings – fresh rodent droppings look shiny and pliable. In 2-3 days, they become hard and dull. Rat droppings reach up to 12 mm long. They have blunted ends. As for mouse droppings, they are 3-6 mm long. Unlike rat droppings, they have pointed ends.
  • Rubmarks rats and mice rub their fur on any vertical surface like a wall, which causes a greasy smear mark.
  • Burrows – burrows of rats are often found near buildings and waterways.
  • Noise – rats and mice make noise at night. The sound includes squeaking for mice and gnawing and clawing for rats.
  • Nest – a nest is often made up of paper, cardboard, and rags.
  • Gnawing – rodents gnaw in order to survive. They’ll die if their incisors aren’t worn down. They usually gnaw on wood, conduit, metal, and cables. It is bad news when a rat gnaws on cables as it can expose wires and cause a fire.

Rodents, as destructive and persistent as they are, can be kept away from your home. Here are the things that homeowners can do for rodent control Redding, CA:

  • Sealing

Rat control involves the sealing of a home. What we mean by sealing is making sure rats and mice no longer have ways to access your property. Rodents are capable of squeezing into the tiniest of holes. Therefore, you need to seal every possible entryway tightly. Waterproofing windows and doors, and sealing cracks can already eliminate these tiny creatures’ entryways.

  • Trapping

As for trapping, this includes classic mousetraps with baits like cheese or peanut butter. The bait can also have poison in it. Most homeowners just rely on sticky papers that can catch rodents, but this is not a good idea if you have pets. If you want a humane way of catching or removing rodents from your home, we suggest you rely on a professional mouse exterminator. Rodent trapping and removal in Redding, CA doesn’t have to be deadly and messy. As a homeowner, you should know by now that rats and mice are intelligent creatures. They are extremely cautious and they won’t fall for traps most of the time. This is why it’s better to let professionals handle rat control.

  • Cleaning and Tidying Up

All nests and droppings of rodents must be eliminated, but this part is crucial and it should only be done by expert hands because it can jeopardize you and your entire family’s health and well-being. Aside from the cleanup, food and water sources must be checked for contamination especially pasta and dried beans. Once you have the confirmation you need, make sure that your food from now on is kept in a sealed container or inside your refrigerator.

You can get rodents under control and protect your family from the carriers of health risks. Rodents are not just pests as they carry diseases. Fortunately, LISO Pest Control Inc can help you get rid of these critters.

What LISO Pest Control Can Do:

  • Formulate a guaranteed rat control program for your property and its surrounding environment;
  • Advise you on ways to reduce future rodent problems;
  • Send you a rodent exterminator that will perform a thorough rodent inspection. After the inspection, the findings will be given to you in the form of a report;
  • Set up bait stations for rodents at strategic locations inside and outside your property; and
  • Set up specially-designed traps in places wherein baits can’t be used

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