Cockroaches or roaches are primitive insects. They date back to the era, “Carboniferous,” millions of years ago. Roaches are omnivorous, eating anything available including glue and soap just to survive. Species of cockroaches that require water, food, and indoor harborage that’s provided by humans are lesser in number compared to the peridomestic ones, those that occur outdoors and don’t require human habitat.


The Most Common Types of Roaches

American Cockroach

  • Largest common cockroach – can grow up to 2.5 cm in length;
  • Capable of gliding;
  • Has a yellow band that’s at the back of its head;
  • Can live for years

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  German Cockroach

  • Only 1.2 cm in length – the smallest but the most successful when it comes to reproduction;
  • Has dark-colored lines running from its head to its wings;
  • A nymph lives up to four months and the adult lives another five;
  • Female lays 7 egg cases in its lifetime with a maximum of 48 eggs in every case

By George Shuklin

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Oriental Cockroach

  • 2 cm in length, female is slightly longer compared to the male that has an average length of 1-2.5 cm;
  • Prefers cooler areas;
  • It takes years for nymphs to become adults, but adults only live up to 6 months;
  • Female lays 8 egg cases – up to 16 eggs per case

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Brown-banded Cockroach

  • 3 cm long;
  • Male’s wings are bigger than female’s;
  • Has yellowish brown straight bands across its forewing;
  • Requires less water compared to other cockroaches;
  • Prefers starchy foods;
  • Can be found anywhere in a home/building

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The Telltale Signs of a Roach infestation

Roaches, as nocturnal creatures, hide during the day. At night, they can be seen on top of kitchen countertops, dining tables, and basins. Their egg cases and cast skins can be seen strewn on objects that haven’t been touched or used for quite some time.

Floor-wall junctions and horizontal spaces are the common places where you can find droppings of roaches. They are dark brown or black in color, and irregular or cylindrical in shape.

Cockroach infestations are easy to identify because of their musty, unpleasant smell. The smell is noticeable close to their harborage points