Crickets are common insects that make ringing trills, which can be heard through spring and fall. Although they are closely related to grasshoppers, they are a bit drab in color and smaller in size. Like grasshoppers, crickets have long back legs that are relatively strong, so they can hop a considerable distance even with their size.

Rarely considered as pests, crickets don’t pose as threats to humans. However, crickets in great numbers can cause damage to young plants. When they happen to invade your home or office, they easily become a nuisance with their loud, chirping sound. The sound that a cricket produces to make its presence known is created as the insect runs its top wings over the bottom ones. Humans find it annoying, but crickets use this as a part of a mating ritual to attract a female cricket.

By Ryan Hodnett 



via Wikimedia Commons

Fast Facts About Crickets

  • They are 0.6 to an inch long;
  • Black or brown in color;
  • They are most active from spring through fall;
  • They are nocturnal creatures

Cricket Prevention

Crickets play a vital role in a yard’s ecosystem. Eliminating them from your yard would prove to be impossible. It is also discouraged. Of course, they must only stay in your yard and not inside your home. In order to prevent these insects from invading your living spaces, the best practice to take is to seal gaps between doors and floors, as well as around windows. Other places where crickets can gain entry to your home are cracks in your foundation and holes where wiring and plumbing pipes enter or exit the house. An insect repellant can be applied around your home to discourage them from invading.

Pest Control

Although crickets rarely cause a problem, there’s still a chance for them to invade a home. Your best bet would be to maintain a management program for pests all throughout the year. The program should include monitoring, regular inspections, as well as light applications of repellant solutions. We suggest you trust the expertise of professional exterminators when it comes to the control and elimination of pests.