Gophers can appear cute and adorable, but they are actually pests. It is important that you know what you are up against if gophers have invaded your property. First of all, they are burrowing animals that don’t grow more than 12 inches in length. A gopher’s average weight is around 8 ounces. A gopher has powerful forequarters and strong forefeet. Gophers have long sharp claws that they use in creating pocket underground tunnel systems where they live. These rodents can create fan-shaped mounds that are large enough to damage a farm equipment that is passing by.

What Gophers Eat

Gophers are notorious hoarders. They have large, spacious cheek pouches that can store food as they take it down their long tunnel systems. These rodents pile food that they’ve collected and consume it when they are hungry. If you dig up a gopher’s underground tunnel, you will find an outstanding amount of food in it.

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The Damage Gophers Cause

Now, you need to understand that the damage gophers cause is often a result of the rodents’ digging and feeding habits. In order to find out if you have any of these creatures in your property, here are the signs you should look for:

  • Surface irrigation loss due to tunnel drainage
  • Root damage
  • Gnawed electrical lines and lines for sprinklers that are buried beneath the ground
  • Gopher mounds – piles of soil that are crescent-shaped.

How to Get Rid of Gophers

  • Drop gum down gopher holes as it messes up a gopher’s internal organs.
  • From the exhaust pipe of your vehicle, run a hose to a gopher hole. With the engine running, begin covering other gopher holes that are open.

Take note: gopher prevention methods aren’t always practical. In fact, they won’t be enough to protect your lawn fully. It is quite hard to exclude or eliminate gophers because their tunnels run six feet deep into the ground. The best solution to your problem is to let the control and prevention be handled by experts. They know the best ways to lure them out and deter them from coming back to your property.