Moles are mammals that are about 7 inches long. They spend almost all of their lives underground. The damage a mole makes is often mistaken for a vole or gopher’s. Using its webbed feet and cylindrically-shaped body, it swims in dirt that is under your lawn, field, or goal course.

These animals are related to bats and shrews. They are NOT rodents. They have snouts that are both pointed and hairless, and their ears hide in their fur, so you won’t be able to see them. A mole has poor eyesight, making its senses of smell and touch very sharp.

Where They Live

Several mole species can be found in the US. There are species that live in water and/or spend most of their time in water.

However, most moles reside in their underground burrows. It is where they tunnel and search for food. If moles do show up in your yard, it’s often by accident. This is the reason why it’s difficult to learn more about mole relationships. Researchers believe that they are loners, traveling and living alone. A mole makes its sleeping burrow in dry spots underground, but it is likely to hunt for food in cool, moist soil.

By ME Researcher,

via Wikimedia Commons

When They are Active

Moles don’t hibernate. They stay active throughout most parts of the year. The most active time of moles wherein they search for food is during rainy summer months. Although a mole is a loner, the males stick around during the mating season which is during April or May. Days after breeding, 3-4 naked mole babies will emerge. These babies are born blind.

Reasons Why You Should Get Rid of Them

If you see hills of dirt that are 24 inches tall anywhere in your property, there is a great chance that moles have burrowed in it. Moles don’t create holes on grass unlike armadillos and gophers. If you find several dirt hills, that does not necessarily mean there are lots of moles in your property. A single mole can already cause great damage to your yard.

All in all, moles are hated because they damage a landscape, which can be expensive to fix. You may just wake up one day and find your entire front lawn being used as a playground and feeding lot by a mole. What’s worse is that grass and dirt are thrown about and uprooted. A mole may even cause damage to a lawn or flower bed that is just beyond repair.

Moles are considered as root destroyers. They will hurt vegetation in their search for food. Don’t ever run your lawnmower blades over molehills and mole tunnels if you don’t want your lawnmower to get destroyed.