A pigeon or rock dove is blue-gray in color with a whitish rump. Its head, all the way to its neck, is filled with iridescent feathers. Two black bars are present across its wings, with a dark band running towards its tail. A standard pigeon has short legs, a small head, and a short neck. In the case of size, an adult pigeon is generally 32-37 cm long.

Why You are Experiencing a Pigeon Problem

Pigeons are considered as pests in urban areas. They exist in huge populations across the US, and they aren’t afraid of people. As a matter of fact, they are always ready to roost in homes and buildings, especially roof tops and protected ledges. These birds eat anything from grains, corn, and seed to human food scraps. This allows them to thrive in different environments.

By Jonatan Svensson


via Wikimedia Commons 

Pigeons: Are They a Threat?

Pigeons cause property damage that entail repairs worth millions of dollars each year. The feces of pigeons contain highly corrosive uric acid that’s why the structures where these birds roost get destroyed. Also, they can cause damage to roof top machinery such as air conditioning units. They can also cut a roof’s lifespan in half. The fungal agents, ectoparasites, and bacteria present in the droppings of pigeons pose serious health risks to humans that breathe them in. Furthermore, a lot of people have fallen on pigeon droppings, often leading to lawsuits.

How to Control Pigeons

There are myriads of techniques and products that are available in combatting pigeon problems. Successfully handing an infestation requires the use of both techniques and effective products. Spring wire and coil have merits for applications on ledges. For exclusion, 2-inch netting would be sufficient. Make sure that it’s woven and knotted for a large application. An exclusion work must be coupled with flock dispersal, may it be trapping, shooting or Avitrol. Remember that flock reduction alone isn’t a long-term solution, especially if attractive shelter and food remain within the site. In order to provide your problem an effective solution once and for all, we suggest you give the task of pest control to the experts.