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Family Friendly Pest Control Services Guaranteed To Work

Our satisfaction guarantee is the perfect demonstration of our confidence in handling any pest problem that you throw at us. Regardless of how big or small your issue is, you can count on us to deliver the results that you would expect to see when hiring professional exterminator services. If the recommended treatment service doesn’t hold up as planned, we will come back and treat it again free of charge if it falls within the guarantee terms that we will discuss with you.

  • Residential- Our team of specialists will provide you with safe and effective pest management solutions that will benefit your entire family, including servicing you at your mobile homes, boat storage facilities and RV’s. We love to discuss the concerns families may have and educate anyone who has an interest in pests including curious children.
  • Commercial- pest control services for any type of business from professional office spaces, medical facilities, to storage facilities, restaurants and more. We will tailor our service plan to meet the needs of your business and always keep your customers in mind when providing services during hours of operation.
  • Construction- LISO Pest Control Inc. provides treatments for construction yards, equipment and any other needs to help keep the construction of new homes and commercial building free of pests during their period of development.

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Our Pest Control Service Process



We identify the pest or problem and come up with a solution. We will always be upfront about pricing and let you know cost of treatments before proceeding.



We will execute the discussed treatment plan, safely and effectively, in a professional manner, leaving no stone left unturned.



Our services are guaranteed to work per our consultation. If they do not, give us a call within 30 days and we will come out and re-treat your problem for free.

When Should You Use Our Service?

  • When Do It Yourself Products Fail: Sometimes the problem can be solved by over the counter bug traps, sprays, and DIY techniques, while other times no matter what you try, you can never get the full scope of the infestation taken care of. We’re here for you when DIY doesn’t work.
  • When you’re moving in to a new house: a thorough inspection and precautionary spray for the entire property that will give you a piece of mind by making sure there won’t be any uninvited pests when you hold your housewarming party. Including any pests that you may have accidentally brought with you from your old home.
  • 6 months after you’ve moved in: insects, rodents, and other types of pests are attracted to a newly inhabited place. Discovering that there’s new food and nesting opportunities in a place where there weren’t any just a few months ago can attract these pesky pests into your property, especially from the fact that you made it an attractive and lovely habitat.
  • Annual Service: an excellent way to ensure that your environment remains free from pests and disease-causing microorganisms is to schedule yearly inspections. It’s also a good way of avoiding unexpected menace that may cause you a fortune in the future. 

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